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Wheat Field

Areas of Expertise

To reDiscover yourself

When coaching around personal development, I can help you to:


  • Define who you truly are

  • Define your goals and purpose 

  • Develop your emotional intelligence

  • Gain in self-esteem

  • Understand what difference you can make

  • Understand how you can grow and broaden your horizon

  • Recognize, understand, clarify and live by your values

  • Determine your life priorities

  • Tap into your power to choose who you want to be 

  • Search and define what spirituality is for you

When coaching around professional life, I can help you to :

  • Connect to your own potential and evolve in your career

  • Know the reasons of your ill-being at work

  • Redefine your professional goals

  • Develop a professional project

  • Change career path

  • Give meaning to your professional life and open space for your dreams

Expatriation Support

You are experiencing the expat life and although you could see the good of it, it comes with some pains?

Feeling homesick and lonely?

Feeling out of place? 

You wish you could feel like you belong? 

You wish you could feel at home wherever you are? 

You would like to develop authentic friendships? 

You would like to feel confident in your ability to adapt? 

You would like to enjoy more fully the journey? 


As a former expat in the US, I support you to live and transform your expatriation experience. 

Together we will work on how to make it an experience that will enrich your life forever.

We will highlight and increase your ressources, challenge your beliefs and perceptions, explore your sense of belonging and guide you to choose consciously your experience. 

Professional Development

About me

Who am I? 

I am a certified professional coach, a trainer, a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, hypersensitive, a recovering perfectionist, a former expatriate, a nature and animals lover, a horseback rider and I have still so many things to discover about myself.

I find passion in giving other women support to define who they are, who they want to be and live an authentic life.

I believe that each of us is greater and wiser than we appear to be. We have infinite potential, and what a joy it is to bring light to it!

My Approach
White Sand and Stone

My approach

As a Certified Professional Coach, I help you see the highest vision of yourself and guide you towards living that vision.

I partner with you to create the life you would like to live by having an inside out approach.

While traditional coaching approaches focus on identifying goals, creating a series of steps to meet those goals, and providing accountability, as a Core Energy Coach, I start the process “inside” where we find the root of most challenges and blocks to success. It includes limiting perspectives about the world, defeating thoughts, and outdated beliefs unconsciously picked up from family, society, and the media.

Many of these thoughts and feelings live under the surface, hidden from our awareness, and are driving forces of unproductive choices and behaviors.

With a systemic approach, I also consider the systems you belong to and who influence you unconsciously.

Through active listening, powerful questions, exercices and systemic tools, I help you uncover these inner blind spots and gently bring awareness to them. I help you shift these inner blocks to cultivate new perspectives and helpful beliefs that will support your success from a deep and sustainable level.

I help you find out which beliefs work for you and which do not and help you create a belief system that you love. ​

As more and more inner blocks are cleared, you will feel more comfortable, more aware of your resources and uncover your deepest passions and motivators. 

It is a highly creative process where you will take the lead, choosing the experiences you would like to have in life, giving permission for inner shifts to take place, and providing the wisdom and answers that best serve you and your goals.

I will be there to facilitate the process as you uncover your brilliance and unlock your infinite potential.

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