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Helping women live from their heart

Activate your authentic power

Are you tired of complying with what is expected of you? Do you feel cramped in a frame you have received and living a life you didn't choose entirely? Are you trying to make everyone happy but feel empty inside, feeling that there could be so much more to your life?

Do you want to connect to your true self, be confident, develop your spirituality? Or maybe you have not discovered who you really are and your potential?

Let's talk. Let me support you in finding your authenticity! 

Let's find out your purpose, what your dreams are, let's break free from life's "shoulds", the guilt, the fear, the unwanted habits and limiting beliefs.

Let's find joy, connect to your heart, find your voice, and realize your potential! 

This is a journey, a beautiful one, one of love, one of peace, full of surprises and discoveries. 

Dandelion Parachute Seed

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For speaking engagements, booking your free discovery session or general inquiries, tell me about it below and let’s get the conversation started.

A kreides 39, 6700 Arlon, Belgique

Tel: +32 498 08 00 64


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"Anne-Catherine is an extraordinary coach who has never been judgmental but who has accompanied me to simply become a better version of myself!

During each session, she encouraged me to look for the solution inside me. She provides considerable assistance in cases of difficult communication.

Coaching allowed me to become aware of my emotions, to understand them and to detect by what they are triggered in order to better manage them (mine and those of my colleagues). It also allowed me to realize the validity of acceptance and letting go, to take care of myself and to identify what allows me to recharge my batteries, to become aware of my value and as a result to improve my self-confidence

Anne-Catherine led me to understand that we don't always have to wait for external validation to be happy, but that we can be happy by doing what we love on a daily basis and by simply becoming better. She also taught me that we all have the resources within us to make it happen. Today, I feel like I'm doing my job better and in an environment where communication has improved even though I'm still on this journey."


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